River tour

We operate the tours every day, from 7:00 till 3 p.m.

The tour is friendly for persons of any age.

Delicious tropical fruits and snacks are served while rafting!

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Restaurant Service

Our restaurant welcomes you,  friends and families, its surrounded by a lush tropical garden, we offer great fruits smoothies and a wide variety of local delicious fresh food, as well as some fusion dishes... making you feel like home is our goal.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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In our souvenir shop we offer a great selection of handmade jewelry, bags, coffee, t-shirts and more, all locally made

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Safaris Corobici

Costa Rica is one of the world's foremost birding destinations. These will be only some of our huge variety of birds you can see while rafting alongside the river:

Aracaris, Parrots, Mot-mots, Cuckoos, Laughing Falcons, Kingfishers, Sun grebes, Egrets, Wood storks, Ospreys, Trogons, seven different species of herons including the boat billed heron, and the Jabiru have all been seen along the Corobici River.

The tour on the Corobici River is very calm; it is classified as class I-II

Don’t have to row, our experienced tour guides will do all the work, just seat, relax and enjoy the beauties and abundant wildlife of Corobici River!

Delicious and fresh tropical fruits are served along in the tour, cookies and juices as well.



Payment Method

We accept Dollars, Colons upon arrival and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. mastercard visa american express